1. meditation

    June 23, 2008 by jbaij

    all images are from: http://www.stvgr.net/dhf/

  2. Love Letters

    June 20, 2008 by alex

    On September 13, 2007, I submitted a comment to Art Fag City:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    hey paddy,

    r u even fag? u not artist, so wtf?


    lol. ur writing on this site is revoltingly self-aggrandizing. u brandish this pseudo-intellectual writing style and ALWAYS fail due to poor grammar & vocabulary. u frequently misuse common words. ever read a book? doesnt look like it.

    who gave u license to use the word FAG? well guess what; ima fag irl, so fk u. i take offense. it’s inappropriate and NOT funny. did sum self-hating fag friend of yours say it was OK? well it’s not. i’m appalled. where the fk u come from? u come to nyc thinking u down with the fags? u so IRONIC! SO HIP lol.

    time to put away ur hipsterfucking irony cock. get ur ass to some learning annex classes & learn to put a sentence together before u post again. u want to be fgt? then fk u fgt.

    xndr // 13 Sep 2007, 2:43 pm

    In response to: http://www.artfagcity.com/2007/09/12/the-great-internet-sleepover-2/

    The comment was rejected, and I received a personal response from Ms. Johnson herself:

    artfagcity@gmail.com <artfagcity@gmail.com> Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 4:34 PM

    To: alex****@gmail.com

    Dear Alexander,

    Your comment has not been approved because it does not speak specifically to the topic at hand. If you have a problem with the blog you can either lodge your complaints to me in an email, or in the “about me” section of Art Fag City where they will be approved.

    Thanks for your feedback,

    Paddy Johnson

    Paddy Johnson
    Editor, Art Fag City

    Alex <alex****@gmail.com> Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 5:41 PM

    To: “artfagcity@gmail.com” <artfagcity@gmail.com>

    thx for passive aggressive response

    too bad theres no place for me to post on the “about” page. what a silly little mistake, considering it’s YOUR FUCKIN SITE!
    so now where can i post my remarks?

    [Quoted text hidden]

    artfagcity@gmail.com <artfagcity@gmail.com> Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 5:59 PM

    To: Alex <alex****@gmail.com>

    Looks like you found a technical glitch I wasn’t aware of. I’ve contacted my site designers about this and it should be fixed in a couple of days.

    Meanwhile, comments or even a response from me is not something owed to you, so you can drop the attitude. If you have a problem with anything I do you can call the number in the signature of this email and get out with it rather than wasting my time and energy via email. For the record, the term Fag in “art fag city” means fan. And I’m not a dude.

    PS Fuck you. Consider any passivity interpreted in the previous email removed.

    [Quoted text hidden]

    241 Taaffe Place, Unit 101
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
    347 715 5827

    Alex <alex****@gmail.com> Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 9:08 PM

    To: “artfagcity@gmail.com” <artfagcity@gmail.com>

    lol when has fag ever meant fan? either it was an unfortunate typeographical error on your behalf, or your explanation is a sad cop-out — which seems most likely — since i cant seem to find reference to any such usage.


    fag 1 |fag| noun [in sing. ] informal chiefly Brit.a tiring or unwelcome task : it’s too much of a fag to drive all the way there and back again. Brit. a junior pupil at a private preparatory school who works and runs errands for a senior pupil.verb ( fagged , fagging ) [ intrans. ] Brit., informalwork hard, esp. at a tedious job or task : he didn’t have to fag away in a lab to get the right answer.Brit. (of a pupil at a private preparatory school) work and run errands for a senior pupil. ORIGIN mid 16th cent.(as a verb in the sense [grow weary] ): of unknown origin. Compare with flag 1 .fag 3noun Brit., informala cigarette. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: elliptically from fag end . fag 2noun informal chiefly offensivea male homosexual. See usage at queer . DERIVATIVESfaggy adjective ORIGIN 1920s: short for faggot .

    i do appreciate your request for a phone call, but why don’t we meet in person? i’d be delighted to buy you a cup of coffee (or tea, as i imagine you may prefer), or even a moderately-priced dinner with plenty of vegan options for your choosing, if you’d oblige me. in any case, would you be kind enough to bring your brooklyn hipster faggot boyfriend along, too? it would please me greatly to fuck the shit out of him over a couple of steaming soy milk chai lattes as you ride his thoroughly engorged gay dick, the hot chamomile tea in your hand splashing gently over our entangled, writhing, sweat-soaked bodies. i’m sure he’s game.

    For the record, the term faggot, with regard to your boyfriend, means male homosexual (Oxford).

    Nine months later…

    Tom Moody refers to my essay in his comments on Art Fag City’s review of Net Aesthetics 2.0 at http://www.artfagcity.com/2008/06/12/net-aesthetics-20-the-long-of-it/

    Man, tough crowd.
    I don’t really go to see artists to be entertained or wowed by a theatrical performance.
    I mainly go to breathe their air.
    If you want to see a bad “artist show” go to a Bill Viola lecture. He rambles horribly.
    I was honored to be sitting at the “PC table” with Damon and Petra and got a lot out of their talks.
    Alex Lane, in his pdf, [AFC admin: link removed] notes that Damon defined the Internet as a “medium that works across media.”
    That is a view of the Net that nobody from Net 1.0 had because Net 1.0 couldn’t support media worth a damn. I wouldn’t call it clueless or inarticulate.

    I would say generally the younger artists in the room were interested in what Damon and Petra had to say and tolerated the “professionalism” of the older artists.

    I decided to inquire into Ms. Johnson’s intentions when she removed Moody’s link to my pdf.

    Alex <alex****@gmail.com> Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 2:20 PM

    To: “artfagcity@gmail.com” <artfagcity@gmail.com>

    Ms. Johnson:

    A reader of your blog has pointed out the comments thread following your post on Net Aesthetics 2.0. I’m rather curious about your decision to remove the link to my pdf from the comment in which Tom Moody refers to it. Any explanation would be appreciated.

    I’d be happy to entertain any of your comments regarding my essay in its original context at You Had Better Know.

    net_aesthetics.pdf: http://youhadbetterknow.com/knowledgezone/?p=273
    My photos from the event, including a lovely shot of you with Ms. Cortright: http://flickr.com/photos/alexlane/sets/72157605546225973/

    It was nice to see you at the show. I hope we have an opportunity to speak in person next time — I’ll be sure to introduce myself.


    artfagcity@gmail.com <artfagcity@gmail.com> Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 2:30 PM

    To: Alex <alex****@gmail.com>

    Dear Alexander Lane,

    Last year you sent me a rape threat, and were temporarily banned from the Nasty Nets site for similarly harassing Marisa Olson. I wish in no way to condone or support those actions, which are harmful to women web practitioners and the community at large, by way of links, comment or anything else.

    [Quoted text hidden]

    Paddy Johnson
    Editor, Art Fag City

    Alex <alex****@gmail.com> Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 3:28 PM

    To: artfagcity@gmail.com

    Ms. Johnson:

    Though I was quite certain I would never espouse such a disgusting threat even in jest, I referred back to our old email conversation. Lo and behold, I thought right. Of course my comments contained no “rape threat” at all. Admittedly, I did describe sex acts with a hypothetical “boyfriend” character of yours with possible homosexual inclinations in the context of a fairly explicit scene involving the three of us. (Full disclosure: I am openly bisexual, and do, in fact, sleep with both men and women.)

    How dare you generalize my actions and their effects on “women web practitioners and the community at large.” I am a feminist, and your self-effacement deeply shames me as a human being. You have effectively made yourself a victim while simultaneously implicating “women web practitioners” as a collective. Rape is not a word you can simply toss about because you felt offended. Before crying wolf, you might benefit from a quick review of the data. But having read the utter snark you publish, I’m well aware you’re immune to facts.


    [Quoted text hidden]

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