1. international space station spotting primer

    February 15, 2009 by jbaij
    if you are a nerdy nerd and you want to see a space station WITH YOUR BARE ASS EYEBALLS, follow these instructions.

    first you need to go to this site: http://www.batchgeocode.com/lookup/ and put in your address. you’ll get the longitude and latitude of yer house.
    now go here: http://www.heavens-above.com/ and under the configuration section go to “edit manually”, pop in your coordinates and timezone, and hit enter or whatever.

    now from the main page you can select ISS (or all kinds of other space bound nonsense) and it will give you the date, the time (24hr), the azimuth (which is like the direction, scroll down for more info on this), and the elevation. oh, and the distance it is from you. so you want the elevation to pretty high and the distance to be pretty close. if you are lucky you live in a place where its both close and high as it passes.

    now i havent actually tried this yet because in LA it passes at like 5 in the morning and close to the horizon, but apparently its really easy to see if the conditions are right. i think the trick is that you have to be in darkness, but the station itself has to be in the light, way up there in the heavens, like a metaphor boner.

    anyway, maybe i’m trying to have a ISS party or something? i mean, i wont ever wake up early enough to see it, but i bet i could stay up late enough.

    finally, here is some supplementary material to get your lazy ass in gear. dont forget, this is A SPACE STATION THAT WAS BUILT BY US HUMANS. its your duty to try and see it, in a way.

    (okay, really quick. for the azimuth do this. find your object in the sky, make an imaginary line to the horizon from that object, and remember where that is on the horizon. now face north, and the amount of degrees from north (in a clockwise direction) to where the line met the horizon is the azimuth. i guess you could just say “SSW” or “NE”, but we are scientists. picture time:)

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