the people you meet online

August 17, 2008 by Slippery Jack

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Some messages from a person in the online game “Travian”

  • DeathAngel: dude, send me pix of you naked.
  • Awesomest: WTF?
  • DeathAngel: sorry, i thought you were somebody else.
  • DeathAngel: u should join my guild.
  • Awesomest: No thanks.
  • DeathAngel: why not? were super tough and always online.
  • Awesomest: Yeah, thanks but no.
  • DeathAngel: we can be friends in real life to.
  • DeathAngel: were planning on having a meetup at the gargoyles convention.
  • Awesomest: Gargoyle convention?
  • DeathAngel: the show. its a good place for dragons and stuff.
  • Awesomest: Dragons?
  • DeathAngel: dragons. we make suits and wear them. theres a bunch of us.
  • Awesomest: Wow. That sounds really great.
  • DeathAngel: yeah it is.
  • Awesomest: I was joking.
  • DeathAngel: no. its really cool. a bunch of us from NWA do it.
  • Awesomest: Please let me know when you’re not online.

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